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Regular Meetings of the MBC are held at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Union Congregational Church, 176 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair, NJ. All programs are open to the public. There are no meetings during July, August, or December.



Ireland: Birds, History, and Music   Presented by George Nixon


While Ireland may not have the largest bird list in Europe, it does have an amazing history and is the heart of celtic music. On two tours that spanned mostly coastal Ireland from Belfast to the Burren near Galway, one can encounter some birds that are familiar in North America along with numerous others that never come to these shores. All along the way Irish history is all around waiting to be explored. At night the pubs become the center of social interaction and the seat of music. Celtic music has spread around the world and is popular in the U.S. and even in asian countries. In this program we’ll hear a sampling of the music and learn a bit about some of the ancient and recent history but still not forgetting the wonderful Irish scenery and birds.










                            Cliffs of Moher                                                                                          Blue Tit



Sat                          10/21     Alex Bernzweig                Glenhurst Meadows 

Sat                          10/21                                                     Hyperhumus 

Sun                        10/22     Deb DeSalvo                      Adult Hike, Van Vleck Gardens, Montclair

Sun                        10/22     Rick Wright                       Brookdale Park, Bloomfield

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