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                             MEETING OCT. 11, 2017

New Jersey’s Forests:  Ecology, Biodiversity, and Acceleration of Logging on Public Conservation Lands by Sara Webb

This illustrated presentation will explore the ecology of New Jersey’s forests and alternative approaches to their use, management, and protection.  Within a patchwork of public conservation lands, New Jersey forests are recovering and maturing, despite state-wide deforestation in the 1800’s.  Yet extensive logging is underway in these preserves, and much more is planned.  How should we best steward forests to protect habitat, rare species, and water quality?   How can we evaluate the surprising claim that logging (code words: “forest management”) is essential for healthy forests?   Proponents depict logging opponents as ignorant tree huggers who don’t understand forests.  Yet the growing number of logging-focused Stewardship Plans contradict basic tenets of conservation biology and our scientific knowledge of these specific forest ecosystems.  An ecological approach to stewardship calls for the largest possible contiguous forests with a minimum of “edge,” and for control of invasive species and deer populations, to restore natural ecosystem structure, heterogeneity, and dynamics.

Sara Webb is Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies and Sustainability at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey where she has taught Forest Ecology, Environmental Science, Ecology and Evolution, Ecological Restoration, and Plant Identification.  Her major research projects have studied windstorm consequences for forests, post-glacial tree migrations, responses of lichen and plant communities to forest edges, the locally rare red spruce in New Jersey, long-term changes in northern forests, and the invasive Norway maple tree.  For fun and exercise, she directs a forest restoration project on 20 acres of the Drew University forest preserve.


Sat Sept. 16, 2017 DeKorte Park 8:30 am

Sat Sept. 23  Mills Reservation & Montclair Hawk Watch.

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