Upcoming Programs

March 2018: Histories and Mysteries of Mills Reservation: Tucked away in the midst of suburbia, Mills Reservation is an oasis for hikers and hawks. Montclair History Center’s Trustee Helen Fallon talks about how it came to be, what it *almost* came to be, and other historical tidbits, trivia and lore. Her presentation includes peeks at rarely viewed maps and plans, historic documents, and vintage pictures gathered during her research.


April 2018: Birds of Prey: Hawks, Eagles, Falcons and Vultures of North America

By Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson

This visually stunning program reflects the mood and content of a new book (Birds of Prey) by Pete Dunne and Kevin Karlson (April 2017, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers). The show starts with a video introduction by Pete, and then Pete’s recorded words explain the concept of the book as images of raptors are shown. All the raptor groups are then briefly presented by Kevin, with images from the book and special stories about birds of prey shared. A special musical ending highlights some of the most spectacular raptor images ever assembled by 19 top North American photographers. Kevin will be available to sign copies of their newly released book (April, 2016, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers, Boston MA)



Birders and non-birders alike are fascinated by the sight of a woodpecker.  There are 22 species of woodpeckers in North America and we will touch on all of those with special attention to those found here in New Jersey.  We will discuss behavior, identification, where found, abundance and some interesting stories that make us appreciate this amazing group of birds even more.


June 2018 Member’s Night